Nashua NH Area Strawberry Picking at Parlee Farms

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries at Parlee Farms At Parlee Farms near Nashua NH, we have two picking seasons for strawberries covering over eight acres. The traditional New England varieties are known as “June Bearers”. These are available for pick-your-own and fresh picked in our farmstand. We have eight varieties available for picking from early June until mid-July. From mid-August until late September, we offer two varieties of late season strawberries that are some of the juiciest strawberries you will ever taste. The late summer strawberries are available as fresh picked in the farmstand. So now you can enjoy fresh picked strawberries from Parlee Farms for most of the summer!

During the strawberry season, details on pick-your-own hours and prices can be found at CURRENT CONDITIONS.

To remind you how much fun Nashua NH area strawberry picking is at Parlee Farms, take a look at our


A few hints on caring for those strawberries when you get them home:

  • Do not rinse berries or remove stems until you are ready to use them to keep the juice in the berries.
  • Protect them from sunlight and store in a cool place.
  • Best when used within 2-3 days after picking.

Freezing Tips:

Wash berries and drain in colander. Remove stems and slice (or crush) berries as you stem them. If additional sweetness is desired, add 3/4 cup of sugar to 4 cups of sliced berries. Stir and let stand until the sugar dissolves (just a few minutes). Place in freezer containers leaving 1/2 inch head space for expansion and put immediately into freezer.

Pick-Your-Own Strawberries at Parlee Farms