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Current Conditions for Sunday, August 1 ~

Blueberry Pick Your Own at Parlee FarmsCut Your Own Flowers at Parlee Farms

On Sunday, we will BLUEBERRY and FLOWER PICKING until 11:30am. Please click on MORE for details, including pick your own hours, pricing, as well as what else is available at the farm. As a reminder, the entire farm closes at 1pm on Sunday and is closed all day on Monday. Thank you for your support!

We are very excited that Parlee Farms was named by the editors of Yankee Magazine THE BEST PYO FRUIT FARM in MASSACHUSETTS!  We are so thrilled by this honor.  However, we know that this recognition would not be possible without the outstanding team members who are the face of Parlee Farms and the wonderful customers who have supported us for 34 years.  Thank you!


The History of Parlee Farms and How We Just Keep Growing!

Pick Your Own Fruit & Flowers


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