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Current Conditions ~ Entire Farm Reopens in mid-June 2024!

Parlee Farms Opening for Strawberries in JuneWe are so excited to open for our 38th season of growing this June!  As of today, all our crops look great!  We have made it through all the rainy days as well as 6 nights of freezing temperatures in late April.  Our first crop will be strawberries, which are expected to be ready in mid-June.  We will keep you posted about crop status and what will be happening at the farm this season.  Please note that the entire farm is closed until mid-June ~ thank you for your understanding.

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Parlee Farms is Hiring!


We are hiring for the 2024 Season!  The application and position details are available on our EMPLOYMENT PAGE .  We hope you will consider joining us!






Parlee Farms is a Boston Parents Paper finalist for Best Local Farm

We are excited to announce that we’ve reached the final round of voting for the “Boston Parent Family Favorites” BEST LOCAL FARM , thanks to your incredible support during the nomination phase.  We would be deeply honored if you could CAST YOUR VOTE FOR US under FUN & ATTRACTIONS – LOCAL FARMS Thank you for your continued support!



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    Parlee Farms Best PYO Fruit FarmWe are very excited that Parlee Farms was named by the editors of Yankee Magazine THE BEST PYO FRUIT FARM in MASSACHUSETTS!  We are so thrilled by this honor.  However, we know that this recognition would not be possible without the outstanding team members who are the face of Parlee Farms and the wonderful customers who have supported us since 1987.  Thank you!

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