Parlee Farms’ 38th Growing Season Is Almost Here!

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The 2024 season, which will be our 38th year of growing, is almost here! We expect to open the farm in Mid-June. All of our crops made it through the winter and are looking great. After not having peaches and cherries in 2023, we are so excited for them this year. Here’s some information about how things went in the offseason and what we have in store this year:

What We Did in the Offseason

We were busy at work in the offseason preparing for our 2024 season. Here’s a summary of what we did and how things are looking:

  • We had a mild winter and had no crop loss.
  • We were busy at work during the winter pruning our fruit trees and blueberry bushes.
  • We attend many farm industry meetings in the winter months to make sure we are educated in the most up to date growing and small business practices.

What We Did to Prepare the Crops

We are not open to the public in the spring, but it is probably the busiest time on the farm because this is when we get ready for the new season! Here’s some of the things we did to prepare the crops:

  • We had week in April where Farmer Mark had to do frost protection 6 nights in a row. It was very exhausting, but our hard work paid off – all the crops made it through!
  • We planted flowers, corn, and strawberries for 2024 and 2025.
  • We thinned the apples, which helps them grow stronger and bigger during apple season.
  • The irrigation system to cover 70 acres of crops was inspected and started up for the season

When You Visit the Farm!

We are opening very soon, and we are excited to share what you can do when you get here.

  • Strawberry Season. Come to the farm to pick your own strawberries or visit the farm stand to buy ones we’ve picked fresh for you. Strawberries will be ready in the middle of June. Check our website for details exactly when the season starts and pick-your-own hours as these vary depending on supply
  • Strawberry treats Stop in at Mary’s Country Kitchen to buy some fresh, farm made strawberry shortcake, made with our own, fresh strawberries and farmmade scones
  • Baby Goats. We have twenty baby goats that were born in the past few weeks, with more to come. Once the farm opens in June the Annie’s Animal Barn and Sandbox will be open!

Exciting Things to Do in 2024

We have an exciting 2024 season in store for you. Here’s a look at some things you to look forward to:

  • We will be having a Harvest Festival’s each month with Music, Lunch, Hard Cider and more. Stay tuned for details & dates!
  • Story time is back! The children’s librarian from Tyngsboro Public Library will be here one day a month. More details to follow
  • Our pick your own crops for 2024 are strawberries, cherries, blueberries, flowers, peaches, apples, and pumpkins. Check our website for when each will be available.

We are so excited for the upcoming season, and we can’t wait to see you!

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