5 Ways to Decorate With Flowers

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Cut Your Own Flowers at Parlee FarmsIt’s time to pick your own flowers here at Parlee Farms! Each spring, we plant a collection of flowers that include zinnias, sunflowers, gladiolas, and dahlias. There are a variety of colors to choose from and because you can cut your own, you can use your own creativity to select the flowers you really want. Here are some things you can do with your freshly cut flowers:

Create a Table Centerpiece

Freshly cut flowers can make a beautiful centerpiece! If you know which vase you want to use, consider bringing it with you to the farm so that when you pick your own, you know that they will look great. We have a variety of colors to choose from, so you’ll also want to select the flowers that match your decor.

Decorate the Mantle

If you have a mantle in your home, consider brightening things up in the room by decorating with fresh flowers! There’s no need to use a vase for this, you can simply arrange the flowers on the mantle in a way that matches the room’s decor. You can even keep them on the mantle after the flowers dry!

Make a Bouquet

Did you know that you can decorate with hand-tied bouquets? Consider arranging your fresh flowers into a bouquet or two and then place them in fun locations throughout your home. You can even place the bouquets in shallow vases filled with water so that they last longer!

Beautify the Bathroom

You can easily use flowers to beautify your bathroom! Arrange the flowers in a small vase with some water and place it on the counter by the sink. The size of the vase will depend on how much space you have. You may need to cut the stems down a little bit if you’re using a smaller vase.

Place on the Dresser or Nightstand

Waking up to the look and smell of fresh flowers can be an instant mood booster! Pick your flowers of choice and arrange them in a pretty vase with some water. Place the flowers on your nightstand, dresser, or table in a way that allows you to see them from your bed. Try choosing colors that match your decor so you can make the most of this.

Besides being able to pick your own fruit, Parlee Farms has fresh flowers that you can cut and bring home to enjoy. These decorating ideas will help you get the most out of them.

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