The Hay Play Area at Parlee Farms

Hay Play Area at Parlee Farms

First, we grow, cut, and bale acres of hay. When we have almost 150 large, round bales in early September, we begin the construction of the fall focal point for family fun at Parlee Farms in Tyngsboro, MA near Lowell – the Hay Play Area!

One of the most asked about activities at Parlee Farms, the Hay Play Area allows a kid to be a kid and just have fun. They can weave through the maze of bales and Mom and Dad can join in to! It is truly a family activity where fun rules. Make it part of your fall family traditions! We want everyone to have fun, but there are also some rules which must be followed while in the Hay Play Area:

  • We have reconfigured the Hay Play Area to make it more of maze with multiple entrances and exits.  As a result, we no longer allow walking on the top of the bales.
  • All adults and children must be wearing sneakers – no exceptions.
  • Adult supervision of children is required at all time.
  • No running.
  • No food or drink.

Use of the Hay Play Area is included with our Fall School Tours. You may wonder ~ what do we do with all that hay when the season is over? We use it to cover our strawberries for the winter!