Local Corn is the Tastiest Corn!

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What’s a summertime cook out without corn on the cob? It might be messy and it might get stuck in our teeth, but it’s all a part of the fun and totally worth it since it’s so delicious!

corn field

If you want the tastiest corn on the cob, look no further than your local farm! Local corn is fresher than what you can find at the grocery store because it’s sold right after it’s picked and eaten right at its peak. When corn is shipped far distances to be sold at the grocery store, as opposed to being sold locally, the flavor diminishes since corn’s natural sugars start turning to starch right when it’s picked.

Here at Parlee Farms, our local corn fields cover over 10 acres of land. We sell more than 10 varieties of Sugar Enhanced, Butter, and Sugar corn that is very sweet and tender with small yellow and white kernels. All of our corn is non-GMO which means that it is NOT genetically modified.

We specialize in picking fresh, tender corn every morning from mid-July to early October. It’s piled high in our Farmstand so that you can eat it that same day! Add corn to chowder, salads, and vegetable medleys or enjoy it right off the cob! Our fresh picked corn is so sweet and tender that it only takes 4-5 minutes in boiling water for it to be ready!

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