Support the Buy Local Movement by Picking Your Own Fruit

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When you spend a day at the farm with your family picking your own fruit, you are not only enjoying a fun family activity but are also supporting a growing movement to buy locally grown produce instead of produce that has been shipped far distances to the grocery store.


Here are 4 reasons to buy locally grown produce:

Local produce tastes better and is better for you
When you buy locally grown produce, it’s fresh and was likely picked only hours before you purchase it. If you pick your own produce, it’s the freshest that it can be! When fruits and vegetables need to travel long distances to arrive at the store, it means that it is days old by the time it gets there and has lost flavor and nutrients. And when purchasing from a local farm, the consumer knows the farmer who grew those fruits and vegetables!

It’s “green”
When produce is transported far distances, it requires more energy than if it is just being transported locally.

It supports the community
Local business generates 70% more local economic activity per sq. ft. than big box retail. (Source) Spending your money at local businesses generates more jobs in the local community and local businesses are more likely to give back to the community in which they are located.

Local farmers appreciate your patronage
Farmers don’t consider farming to be a job – it is a passion. And every single farmer appreciates the customers who support them and allow them to do what they love to do!

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