Strawberry Season Coming Soon! Pick-your-own tips and tricks

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It’s almost strawberry season here at Parlee Farms! Fresh strawberries from the field are extra sweet, juicy and our guests love selecting their favorites. Here some tips that will give you the perfect experience very time you come to Parlee Farms to pick your strawberries.

Strawberries should be pinched on the stem, just above the leaves, not pulled off the plant or twisted, since this can harm the plant. This means that kids who are picking need to have a well-developed “pincer grasp”. Most children have this after 12 months but may not have a strong grasp until 2 or 3. As strawberries are one of the harder crops to pick, children should always be close to their grownup to learn how to pick. 

Strawberry plant rows are usually 1-2 feet apart, so strollers do not fit in the rows. Unless the field is very crowded, most parents set their stroller right at the edge of the field and pick nearby with older children. Another option is to go picking with a friend, and each of you can take turns staying next to the strollers.

Examine each strawberry on all sides carefully before picking.  Strawberries don’t ripen any further after picking, so be sure it’s a good one before you pinch the stem! If there are unripe spots, leave it on the stem to continue ripening.

Pick as early in the day as possible. It will be cooler for you, the sun will not be as strong. Most strawberry farms open by 8 AM. Don’t forget hats, sunscreen and sunglasses on bright, sunny days!

Always check the farm’s website before heading out to see what the daily conditions are like. Sometimes picking hours are limited, or they may even close the fields for a day or two to allow more strawberries to ripen. At Parlee Farms, the website (, Facebook & Instagram pages, and voicemail are updated every morning with current conditions and prices. Look for “Today’s Farm News“.

A sample or two is OK but please put most of your berries in the basket. Pick-your-own farms rely on the honor system. The kitchen staff at Parlee Farms is happy to wash your berries so that you can enjoy them at the picnic tables after purchase.

We love animals, but unfortunately, for food safety reasons we do not allow pets on the farm. Please leave your pets at home when visiting the farm.

We want your visit to be fun and enjoyable when you come to our farm to pick strawberries. Following these guidelines will help make your day as great as possible! If you don’t want to pick your own strawberries, you can always purchase fresh strawberries in our farm stand. While you’re at Parlee Farms also enjoy a strawberry shortcake from Mary’s Country Kitchen!

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